On Sandwiches (or, War of the Cheeses)

UPDATE:  So, the GO Veggie! slices I’ve been eating are NOT vegan. I’ve had several kind people correct me on this. I’ll definitely be sharing a post soon about the importance of ALWAYS checking the ingredients list. I took it for granted from the name that these cheese slices were vegan, but they actually contain casein, which is an animal protein. I apologize for misrepresenting this product.**


Okay. SO. I might be one of the few people to feel this way, but I honestly cannot stand Daiya cheese. No more hemming and hawing for me. I have now tried Daiya in four formats (cream cheese, block cheddar, sliced cheddar, and sliced swiss) as well as combined into two recipes and no matter how badly I wanted to be able to, I couldn’t – just couldn’t – stomach it. Maybe my dislike for these products stems from having eaten dairy cheese too recently to not compare the Daiya to it. Does a longer distance between tasting “real” cheese and tasting Daiya cheese make a difference in one’s enjoyment of the latter?  I may have to try Daiya a little further along down the road to test this theory.

For now, though, I’m quite happy to trumpet my enjoyment of a different cheese brand, Go Veggie! Cheese. I buy their cheddar-style cheese slices from Safeway (I’m miles away from the nearest Planet Organic or Earth’s General Store, so I take what I can get) and not only do I find the packages of slices reasonably priced, I also find that they taste almost exactly like the processed cheese slices I used to eat in my omnivore days.

GO Veggie!

I love sandwiches, and the Go Veggie! cheese slices help make for a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner (sandwiches are perfect any time of the day, IMHO). When constructing one of my beloved sammies I like to start with some Veganaise slathered atop a vegan bagel (no L-cysteine for me, thanks). Next, I lay on the piece of cheese – or two if I’m feeling fancy-free –  and then I top the cheese with a little lettuce, a slice of tomato, a couple of rings of white onion, and lots and lots of alfalfa sprouts! So good, and so filling. That was actually the only way I’d tried Go Veggie! slices until this week when I FINALLY attempted to make one of my former favourite foods, the grilled cheese sandwich. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, so much so that I don’t even want to tell you how many I could eat in one sitting (hint: it’s not pretty). I had tried with Daiya sliced cheese early last year and it was so awful I hadn’t felt inspired to try again. Thankfully, this much-overdue second attempt turned out fantastic. Crispy, buttery, gooey and perfect, I found myself in grilled cheese heaven. Thanks, Go Veggie! for rockin’ my world.



4 thoughts on “On Sandwiches (or, War of the Cheeses)

  1. Lorraine says:

    Yay! So glad you can enjoy a good ‘ol grilled cheese again! Can you tell me what’s in the cheese slices? I know you said they are veggie but I’m hypothyroid and that means I have to avoid certain foods as well so it would be great if they fit into my eating as well! 😊


    • Natalie@seed. says:

      Thank you for your comment Lorraine! I will Facebook you a list of ingredients when I get home today 🙂 Although, much to my chagrin, I’ve been mistaken in my belief that the cheese slices are vegan 😦 I know that isn’t a concern for you, but boy is my face red!


  2. i couldn’t comment on your Facebook page but wanted to let you know that the product you’ve pictured isn’t vegan – it contains casein which is smile protein. The Go Veggie! Brand Dairy Free cheeses are vegan but the Lactose Free ones are not. Here’s some of their FAQ answers for you 🙂
    Also this is why your blog post link had to be removed from What FAT Vegans Eat as we don’t allow pictures of non vegan food x

    Do your products contain any animal products?
    GO Veggie! Lactose Free products in green packaging and GO Veggie! Lactose Free, Rice products in blue packaging do contain casein, a skim milk protein, which is an animal product. Additionally, various natural flavorings may also be sourced from animal products.

    How can your GO Veggie! Lactose Free and GO Veggie! Lactose Free, Rice products be considered lactose free if casein is one of the ingredients?
    Casein is a milk protein, while lactose is milk sugar, a carbohydrate. The casein in our Lactose Free products in the green packaging and Lactose Free, Rice products in blue packaging do not contain lactose. However, it is important to read labels for other milk related ingredients which may contain the milk sugar, lactose.

    What is the difference between lactose free and dairy free?
    Lactose free products are not the same as dairy or casein free products. Products that are called “Lactose Free” do not contain any milk sugar, but they may contain casein, lactose free milk protein. If you are lactose intolerant (sensitive to lactose, the sugar naturally present in milk) we recommend you try our GO Veggie! Lactose Free products. If you would like to avoid milk proteins or dairy completely, we recommend our GO Veggie! Dairy Free products as these products do not contain lactose or milk proteins.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    • Natalie@seed. says:

      Thank you so much Lee-anne! I did get properly educated by some members of a different vegan group, and feel very sheepish about my mistake. Thank you for sharing the above information. I’m so sorry for my error!


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