Thank You

I followed a link that a friend posted on Facebook that took me to a Buzzfeed video called “How to Make Vegan Junk Food.” I watched it and think the recipes look delicious; honestly, seeing how simple they were to throw together made me want to follow chef Leslie Durso (of right over a cliff and into a huge ocean of tasty yummy bad-but-good foodiness that just happens to be vegan.

Unfortunately, the comment section of the video seemed to have devolved into nothing more than a foul-name-spouting, insult-swinging battleground. I know, I know – reading comments on an internet video is enjoyable in the same way picking a scab is: it doesn’t exactly feel good, but there’s something appealing about the sensation; then, afterwards, when you’re left with a big gaping sore, all you feel is regret. But, my attention was drawn to the length of heated discourse that had sprung from what was essentially an inoffensive and completely benign video intended to spread an individual’s own tips for eating healthier (and, yes, vegan).

Something that breaks my heart that I’ve come across in all of the vegan groups I participate in online is that it seems like discussions about veganism seem to incite serious bullying. The occasions where people post about positive conversations they have had with meat-eaters do appear, but they seem to be a lot rarer than those tales of vegans who have been ridiculed for their beliefs. And I’m not saying that vegan people are perfect, because there’s more than a few who can be preachy and holier-than-thou. We’re all flawed; nobody is perfect. But there’s no excuse for bullying of any kind.

I just want to say thank you to all of my friends. Thank you for not posting offensive comments on my Facebook when I write about veganism, or when I share petitions, or when I re-share meat-free recipes that I think look delicious. Thank you for not insulting me or my choices, for not starting fights with me about our differences in opinion on certain topics, for not saying things that are supposed to be funny but that are actually hurtful. Thank you for letting me express myself without fear of reprisal.

Transitioning to veganism is turning out to be a lengthy process for me, and it is really lonely at times; I can’t imagine how it would be if I didn’t have the love and understanding of you all. .

If you’re interested in watching the mouth-watering video and picking up a few easy snack night ideas, just click here:


Moby; or, My First Vegan

When I became a fan of Moby (after seeing his video for Natural Blues on MuchMusic circa 2000 and becoming completely and utterly enchanted) one of the first things I learned about him was that he was vegan.  Fourteen years later I still consider Moby a revolutionary musician and artist, and an animal-rights champion I not only admire, but whose complete commitment to living a cruelty-free life inspires me on so many different levels.

I just found this article that Moby wrote for Rolling Stone magazine in March of this year. Give it a read – even if you’re not a fan of his music, Moby’s unflinching devotion to leading a compassionate life is so inspiring.

An Introduction

Hello! Thank you for visiting. My name is Natalie and I have been called many things over the years — sister, daughter, lover, friend, Canadian, drama queen, goofball, animal lover –, and, the newest addition to that list: transitioning vegan. The term *transitioning vegan* is not a label designed to define who I am as an individual. Rather, it is a term that describes how I am trying to live my life – with love, with compassion, and with respect for all living things.

I consider myself an average person. I work a normal, Monday to Friday 9-5 job; I take public transit; I have a boyfriend I love and a dog I love even more (but don’t tell the boyfriend that); I like reading, watching TV, and taking naps; I love junk food and am a self-proclaimed carbohydrate addict; and, I have struggled my whole life with my weight. See? Pretty average. Except, at the start of this year, I followed my heart and decided to completely change my life. Since January 2014, I have gradually been eliminating animal-derived products from my diet. My goal? 100% veganism. Am I there yet? Not by a long shot! But every day I get a little closer.

But hey, don’t panic! This blog is not going to be filled with pictures of starving and abused factory-farmed animals – there are enough places to see those images on the internet without me adding to the mass of misery currently in circulation. This blog is also not going to include solicitations for donations, sermons about what I do or do not believe in, or the hate mongering of those whom some hard-nosed vegans call “carnists”. What this blog WILL be is a treasure box for my thoughts, the things I learn, plant-based recipes that I try, pictures of things I love, hints on living a more ecologically friendly life, and an overall happy place to visit. So stay awhile! Join me on my journey and let’s see where this road takes us.

July 2014

July 2014