Eggless Egg Salad (or, Getting Ova Eggs)

Removing eggs from my diet has not been a hardship. A few years ago I learned that eggs are essentially the product of a hen’s menstrual cycle, and ever since then I cannot look at an egg without visualizing the egg being squeezed out of a chicken’s lady parts. So, save for egg salad sandwiches (which were always a weakness for me) and the occasional scrambled egg breakfast at Albert’s restaurant, I haven’t made the high-cholesterol high-fat artery-clogging food a part of my everyday eating.

But, as mentioned above, I have always loved egg salad sandwiches. Well, I love sandwiches in general – when people ask me what my favourite food is, or what food I would choose if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, its the sandwich. I love bread. I love the things that go between pieces of bread. I love the spreads that go on bread. So, having exhausted peanut butter sandwiches since going vegan, I decided it was time to try this fantastic thing I had been hearing about… eggless egg salad.

I wasn’t very adventurous: I literally followed the recipe on the side of the Mori-Nu Tofu package, using the ingredients I had on hand (so no capers, and regular mustard instead of dried). This was my first hands-on experience with tofu, so it made the endeavour even more fun. Following advice I had read online, I unpackaged the tofu and put it on a plate between two dish towels, and then sat my Forest Feast cookbook on top for weight. I left it for half an hour, then replaced the damp towels with dry ones, and let the remaining water drain from the tofu for another thirty minutes. The rest was simple: I smushed the tofu in a bowl until it actually kinda resembled hard-boiled egg whites, mixed in the Veganaise (I was careful with this part because I didn’t want the tofu to smooth out – I wanted it to remain chunky), then mixed in the rest of the ingredients (shallots – or onions, as that’s all I had, and the mustard, and a lot of salt, and pepper).

Voila! Egg salad sandwich!

Now, obviously I knew that what I was making was not going to taste exactly like the egg salad I grew up with. But, I have to admit, the mixture really did take on a surprisingly similar texture to what I have been accustomed to, and made for a satisfying lunch.sammy

You know, I’ve really started to understand that the trick with veganized versions of our favourite recipes is to accept that these new versions are not going to taste exactly the same as their carnivore-catering counterparts, and to simply do our best to enjoy them for what they are – delicious foods that are tempting to the taste-buds in their own right.


Crispy Smashed Potatoes (or, Get in Ma Belly)

Okay. I may have said this before, but I really think that this time I have found THE ONE. The most delicious, most incredible, most perfect food ever known to man. My favourite recipe ever created. The smashed potato.

I could rhapsodize for hours about the potato. It is the one edible on earth that I will eat, no matter how it is prepared, because I have yet to discover a bad way to enjoy potatoes. I’ve been wanting to try smashed potatoes for awhile but just never really remembered when it came to feeding time… usually I just boil up some taters and throw them in a bowl with vegan Becel and some salt. I found a tasty recipe, though, from Oh She Glows (everyone’s favourite vegan chef/blogger!) and had to try it.

You can find the full recipe here. But in brief, all you need are some potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, some garlic powder, and parsley (for decoration). Its so easy! Just boil the potatoes (one of the culinary tasks I am actually proficient at) until they are tender, and drain. Once they’ve cooled just a touch, set the potatoes on a baking sheet. Then, with the bottom of a glass (or any firm flat object – a glass worked best for me) press down on each potato just hard enough to pop the skin of the potato and flatten it slightly – it should mostly still hold together though. Then, you top each of the smushed potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper, and really any other spices you want to throw on there, and then you bake em! They come out all golden and glisten-y and crispy and soft and salty and delicious and oh my goodness get me some now!!!!


The Oh She Glows recipe goes a few steps further and tops the potatoes with an avocado aioli. Unfortunately, I do not have a food processor, so while I did attempt to make the aioli in my decrepit blender it didn’t exactly turn out. So, I ate the potatoes relatively naked and used my avocado mixture as a sandwich spread for lunch the next day.

To go with the tasty morsels above, I pan-friend an Yves Chick’n Burger patty and made myself a faux chicken burger with Veganaise and lettuce. SO GOOD. SO satisfying. Being vegan is easy!

pertater and burger

The Clever Rabbit

One of the goals I’ve made for myself for this new year is to invest my money in local restaurants, and to eat only at places that offer vegan options. I cannot change the world, but I can make decisions in my own life that better align with the world I would like to see. An excellent Edmonton restaurant that offers a fully vegan and vegetarian menu is The Clever Rabbit, on 124th street and 107the avenue. I wrote about the eatery for an animal rights newsletter awhile back and upon returning for my second visit I was pleased to find the only thing that had changed was that the place was even more homey and charming than before.

On my first visit to the Clever Rabbit I enjoyed the lentil loaf (which was delicious) and had to fight the urge to get it again; instead, I chose to try the curried lentils with rice. As my side I went with the insanely good homemade tortilla chips and salsa. The curry… let me be honest here… was perfect. I was in heaven after the first bite. I wasn’t so much a fan of the rice (hidden under the curry in the picture below) so after I had demolished the vegetable/chickpea/lentil mixture I used my leftover appetite for the chips.


I strongly recommend this restaurant. It is run by excellent folk, the food is tasty, and the atmosphere welcoming. There is also an almost sinful dessert counter which, while off limits to me right now after a holiday season spent overindulging, will be my first stop on my next visit. Full of cupcakes, nanaimo bars, giant cookies, and donuts – ALL VEGAN, the sweet spread held so much temptation I could barely get myself out of the restaurant empty-handed.

For more information on The Clever Rabbit, you can visit their website here or stop in for a meal you won’t regret at 10722 124th street.

2015: An Odyssey?

My goals for the new year are to

live compassionately: as you may have read in another of my posts, 2014 was a year of transition for me. I am happy to have called myself a transitioning vegan for the past twelve months, and for doing the learning and growing that I’ve done. Thanks to some amazing resources and unshakable support I achieved more than I thought possible. But I’ll admit I used the status of ‘transitional vegan’ as a bit of a scapegoat for those many times that I fell off the wagon. No more messing around, though. 2015 is the year I commit fully (or as close to 100% as I can manage) to eating and living vegan.

eat (and enjoy) one salad a day: I HATE salad, and could never last on a raw food diet. But, salads and raw vegetables are amazing for the body, so this is my concession – one salad a day. Ugh. Here is my first salad of the year (literally, I made it and ate it the afternoon of January 1st 2015). Baby kale, butter lettuce, shredded carrot, cubed tomato, mushrooms, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and raisins (thank heavens for raisins), and then just a touch of low-cal Catalina dressing. New Years Salad
save 10% of my earnings: this was a tip given to me by my grade 8/9 language arts teacher and its about damn time I listened to him, and others who state the same.

invest in local and/or vegan businesses: this year I am going to do my small part in encouraging positive change by letting the way I spend my money help determine the kinds of businesses that succeed. I am going to choose cruelty-free businesses over any other options, whenever possible. To help – Cruelty-Cutter, an amazing app developed by the Beagle Freedom Project.


Then, with any extra money I may have left over at the end of paying all my bills every month, I am going to support vegan businesses. In the past I’ve invested in two Kickstarters for vegan products and am so excited to be starting off 2015 by supporting the Kickstarter for Laika, a vegan magazine that I wrote more about here. There is still time to back them!

You know, I used to think of a New Year’s Resolution as a promise I would inevitably fail to keep. Every January 1st was the same – “I want to lose weight.” I never would. Then, for a few years, there were no resolutions at all, just as an effort to stave off another excuse to disappoint myself. This year I feel confident in my goals, and its because I’m not just thinking about myself this time. I’ve resolved to live a better life in order to make a better world, and I know that every step forward is one more small success.

I hope that whether you’ve set one goal, or a stack of them, you achieve whatever your heart desires in this brand new year.

Sweet Potato With Pomegranate and Coconut

I had never had a pomegranate before, and if you haven’t yet, try it soon! Pomegranate seeds – which are the part of the fruit we are meant to eat – are the most unusual little morsels. They are the same heft as any other fruit seed, but when you bite into one it is like a little explosion, a ‘pop’ if you will, and its like the sweet seed was filled with little more than a tasty puff of air. Combined with the satiny texture of the sweet potato (or yam, technically), the combination of sensations was more pleasant than I could have imagined.


Yesterday my brother put together a sweet delight that when described to me sounded a little odd, but that turned out to be heaven on a plate. Two yams baked at 400 for about an hour, split open and drizzled with coconut milk, one perfectly ripe pomegranate sliced into quarters and cleared of those yummy little seeds mentioned above, and a sprinkling of coconut flakes made a meal that was part dessert, part stick of nutritional dynamite. potato