“Pulled” Carrots (or, They Can’t All Be Winners)

I’m not sure if I’m unique in this, but I’ve never tried pulled pork. Not once. Not ever in my life. I remember a little while ago it seemed like pulled pork was EVERYWHERE – featured in every fast food restaurant able to afford mainstream TV advertising (Subway, I’m looking at you). The taste never appealed to me though, so I left the phenomenon untouched until recently, when I found a vegan version of pulled pork that used carrots as the main component rather than the flesh of an innocent animal.

The recipe, which you can find here – http://www.thekitchn.com/stewed-carrots-the-new-pulled-pork-old-ingredient-new-trick-215252 – is very simple. So simple that it would take someone pretty ridiculous to mess it up. What has two thumbs and can’t make pulled carrots? This guy!

Let’s start from the beginning. The recipe called for carrots (natch), and uninterested in the time-consuming process of cutting said carrots into matchsticks I thought I’d go for the spiralizer suggestion. Except, I don’t have a spiralizer. So, I used my regular veggie peeler to make long, flat strips of carrot. I sautéed some onion and garlic in oil until it was nicely aromatic, and then added a honey garlic barbecue sauce I found in the fridge (fully vegan) along with the carrots. I made sure there was enough sauce to make a mixture that bubbled as it cooked, and left the pan on the stove for a good fifteen minutes over  medium-high heat.


After stirring the carrots a few times, I decided they were sufficiently cooked through. I swiped a touch of vegan margarine on a hamburger bun, then piled some of the stewed carrots on top. Adding the extra thickened sauce as recommended, along with a touch of salt and pepper, the finished product LOOKED good. Sadly, it did not taste the way I’d hoped.


I’m not sure if I didn’t let the carrots cook long enough, but they were still tough to bite into, not soft at all like I’d been expecting. And, the barbecue sauce I used did not suit the dish – much too sweet when combined with the natural sweetness of the carrots. I finished the sandwich, but more out of duty than enjoyment. I COULD try this recipe again, with a longer cooking time and a different sauce, but really don’t feel motivated to do so. Has anyone else tried something similar that worked?