2015: An Odyssey?

My goals for the new year are to

live compassionately: as you may have read in another of my posts, 2014 was a year of transition for me. I am happy to have called myself a transitioning vegan for the past twelve months, and for doing the learning and growing that I’ve done. Thanks to some amazing resources and unshakable support I achieved more than I thought possible. But I’ll admit I used the status of ‘transitional vegan’ as a bit of a scapegoat for those many times that I fell off the wagon. No more messing around, though. 2015 is the year I commit fully (or as close to 100% as I can manage) to eating and living vegan.

eat (and enjoy) one salad a day: I HATE salad, and could never last on a raw food diet. But, salads and raw vegetables are amazing for the body, so this is my concession – one salad a day. Ugh. Here is my first salad of the year (literally, I made it and ate it the afternoon of January 1st 2015). Baby kale, butter lettuce, shredded carrot, cubed tomato, mushrooms, hemp hearts, chia seeds, and raisins (thank heavens for raisins), and then just a touch of low-cal Catalina dressing. New Years Salad
save 10% of my earnings: this was a tip given to me by my grade 8/9 language arts teacher and its about damn time I listened to him, and others who state the same.

invest in local and/or vegan businesses: this year I am going to do my small part in encouraging positive change by letting the way I spend my money help determine the kinds of businesses that succeed. I am going to choose cruelty-free businesses over any other options, whenever possible. To help – Cruelty-Cutter, an amazing app developed by the Beagle Freedom Project.


Then, with any extra money I may have left over at the end of paying all my bills every month, I am going to support vegan businesses. In the past I’ve invested in two Kickstarters for vegan products and am so excited to be starting off 2015 by supporting the Kickstarter for Laika, a vegan magazine that I wrote more about here. There is still time to back them!

You know, I used to think of a New Year’s Resolution as a promise I would inevitably fail to keep. Every January 1st was the same – “I want to lose weight.” I never would. Then, for a few years, there were no resolutions at all, just as an effort to stave off another excuse to disappoint myself. This year I feel confident in my goals, and its because I’m not just thinking about myself this time. I’ve resolved to live a better life in order to make a better world, and I know that every step forward is one more small success.

I hope that whether you’ve set one goal, or a stack of them, you achieve whatever your heart desires in this brand new year.


2 thoughts on “2015: An Odyssey?

  1. Nice resolutions! I found your blog through the vvoa Facebook page.

    I have three resolutions/goals (as the cycling group I’m part of online calls them, reVOlutions!):
    -try to incorporate more vegetables during the day, even in small amounts. This mostly has been adding a half serving of each pepper and mushrooms into my scrambled tofu, or having carrot sticks as a snack. It looks like you’re well on the way with your salad goal!
    – think more before acting, about how my actions and reactions affects others, including myself. Am I meaning to say what’s coming out of my mouth? Is it even worth disputing? Am I giving myself the credit I serve?
    -cycle enough during this pre-season (500 km is my big goal) and take care of my joints, so that cycling in the spring will be fun and fast!


    • Natalie@seed. says:

      Thanks for reading, and for sharing your own goals! I love them all – thinking before acting is a huge one. And I’m jealous of your cycling ability! I am terrified of bikes (partly being a big girl partly having trouble with balancing) which is frustrating because I’ve been wanting to cycle-commute for years. A


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