Product Review: Dr Lucy’s Maple Bliss Cookies


I am an undeniable cookie-a-holic. I love cookies. As I have gotten older, my tastes have expanded from strictly the softest of soft chocolate chip to encompass all the flavours and tastes of cookies available to me. Transitioning to vegan means that the wealth of baked goods available to me directly off the grocery store shelves has decreased a hundred-fold, which makes satisfying my sweet tooth a little bit trickier. As I have come to learn, a woman can only eat so many Oreos (an accidentally vegan product) before she simply cannot stomach them anymore!

On my latest off-the-beaten-path shopping trip, I found a new brand of cookies called Lucy’s. There were two different flavours displayed: Ginger Snaps and Maple Bliss. I decided to try one flavour for my first go, just to see what I thought of them, and went with the Maple Bliss.

The cookies, once I finally broke down and ripped open the adorable package (which was SO CUTE I couldn’t bear to wreck it), are just a little bigger than bite-sized. In the picture below, you can see that one of them fits perfectly into the palm of my hand.


When you crunch into a Maple Bliss cookie the first taste that you get is of oatmeal, though these cookies are much lighter and airier than your average Dad’s Oatmeal cookie. Intertwined with that is the sweet maple, which lingers on your tongue long after you’ve swallowed the last tasty morsel. With an almost unnoticeable touch of salt that nevertheless tickles those particular sections of your taste buds, these cookies cover all the bases.

The selling point to Lucy’s little masterpieces, though, has to be the texture. While there is a lot in these cookies that can be compared to an oatmeal cookie, these maple bliss babies hold together well until you pop a piece into your mouth – that’s when they yield to your salivary glands and crumble in a soft, buttery way, surprising considering there is absolutely no dairy in this product.

From the peanut gallery: I had a few non-vegan coworkers try these cookies and they were blown away by how good they are. There was more than one surprised “yum” from those expecting dry and flavourless cardboard after hearing the word vegan, which I find is the best compliment a person can give a sweet treat.

The Maker

The culinary hands behind – and the namesake for – Lucy’s cookies is Dr. Lucy Gibney. She began creating allergen-free recipes for her young son, who suffered from severe food allergies. Her line of tasty baking currently consists entirely of a variety of cookie flavours that are all 100% free of gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. You can see all her amazing products and which stores carry them (or you can even order them online!) at her website,



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