Light Summer Saute

I am a HUGE fan of one-pot meals. If a recipe has less than ten ingredients and can be cooked in just one pan or skillet or pot, sign me up! I like the absence of dishes to do when the cooking part is over. And, since starting my transition to veganism, cooking one-pot recipes has allowed me to flex my culinary muscles just the slightest bit and broaden my taste buds, trying out some new vegetables and spices. 

This summer, I’ve been super keen on working with asparagus. I know nothing about the vegetable, and up until this year, could not describe its smell, its taste, or its texture. Then, thanks to One Green Planet’s newsletter (a wonderful source of earth-friendly stories and information) I was provided with one of my new favourite recipes: Early Summer Light Veggie Saute. If you think the name is a mouthful, wait until you taste it!

So, not only does this recipe have asparagus, it also has my new favourite veggie zucchini (which I’d also never tried before this year). And, with only nine ingredients, the recipe fits all of my criteria. The steps are so clear and easy, there was no way I could screw this up! Okay, so maybe I did just a little… I may have overcooked (or over-sauteed, if you will) the vegetables just a touch, but that wasn’t enough to diminish the fresh, light-tasting meal that resulted. The only picture I took is of the finished product, with a side of plain white rice, packed up for my lunch. Perfection! Well, it might not look like perfection – everything is a little more brown that it probably should be – but it tasted fantastic! 

Veggie Saute


You can find the actual recipe (and a much more attractive image of the end result) here:


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